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Tickle Brits


Tickle Brits is the premier UK resource for all things related to tickling as a fetish and incorporates the United Kingdom Tickling Forum (UKTF) and the Ticklpedia. Tickling discussion, media, stories, links and, most of all, a friendly, understanding community.

Our goal is to provide a focal point for all things tickling-related in the UK. We aim to achieve this in two ways. Firstly, by supplying a concise, informative and frank source of information about tickling, relationships within the fetish world, other fetishes that may (or may not) be linked to tickling and supporting resources called the Ticklepedia. Updated and maintained by the Tickle Brits admin team it is our hope that this will become the premier site for all those looking for information on tickling and related subjects and, in so doing, make it easier to come to terms with having a fetish (or three).

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Secondly, by building the UK tickling community through on-line discussion, real world events such as munches, gatherings and workshops facilitated through the UK Tickling Forums, or UKTF. This provides a place to meet fellow ticklers and ticklees on-line in a friendly and relaxed environment where everyone knows how difficult it can be to take that first step into the tickling world. With forums dedicated to tickling discussion, tickling stories, tickling clips and pictures and, of course, areas dedicated to discussing non-tickling subjects there's likely to be at least a few topics that capture your imagination.

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WARNING: This site is only suitable for viewing and participation by persons of 18 years and over (over 21 in some areas of the world). If you are not an adult then we're afraid you have to leave.

You must agree to all parts of the Terms of Service before entering this site.

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The Tickling Media Forum

Tickle Brits Founded on 21st June 2003


Welcome to Tickle Brits

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